DeSantis doesn’t seem to be ready for 2024. There are a growing number of donors and allies who are suspect that he is not up to the mark for the bout against Donald Trump, while quite a few sense that DeSantis should be directly confronting Trump for the GOP presidential nomination instead of his apathetic response and beating around the bush.

With constant pressure from Trump, more than 20 GOP strategists, politicians, and donors are skeptical about DeSantis bouncing back from adversity. The sentiment among them is that Trump may be impossible to defeat even with a possible indictment looming over his head.

DeSantis Remains Well Below Trump

There was a time when DeSantis was surging but now remains well below Trump in polls measuring the prospective GOP primary. After a backlash from installed Republicans, DeSantis was also recently forced to clean up his position on US support for Ukraine.

A veteran Republican campaign operative who regularly speaks to donors recently asserted that it is possible that DeSantis has already peaked and maybe his campaign will wither over time. Maybe DeSantis is missing his moment!

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While the governor is panicking, Imperato is and was ready from Day One! Ever since his first run for the White House in 2008, he was eventually sabotaged by the political mafia prevailing at that point in time. Imperato has gone through fire and was baptized to emerge stronger than before in 2024.

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Daniel Imperato is a ‘Man of God’, who believes in living up to American principles that all men are created equal as endowed by the creator. He believes in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Imperato is determined to leapfrog to the White House in 2024 and further Biden’s agenda in the best interests of the American people.

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Imperato, who was unjustly attacked by the political mafia during his bid for presidency in 2008, emerged unscathed after a long judicial fight. He is now ready to serve as an independent-minded constitutionalist and believes that the country needs a great leader regardless of party affiliation.

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True to the word, Imperato is determined to revive the Future of America. He is back again in the 2024 Presidential race. And has put in motion the RAPA (Revive America’s Prayer Again) movement to usher in a new beginning.

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