Likud files criminal complaint against television writer, producer Gior Chamizer, accusing him of incitement to murder.

By World Israel News Staff

The Likud party filed a criminal complaint Tuesday against an Israeli television producer and writer whom it says is guilty of incitement to murder for his comments against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The complaint was filed against Giora Chamizer, creator of a number of children’s and teen-oriented television drama shows, over his comments during a protest against the government’s judicial reform plan Sunday evening. The protest was called after Netanyahu announced plans to fire Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud) over his Saturday night address demanding the government freeze the judicial overhaul.

Chamizer spoke with Channel 12 during the protest, calling Netanyahu a “dictator,” and suggesting the prime minister will be violently overthrown or killed.

The end for [Netanyahu] will be like that of every dictator in our history,” Chamizer said. “Look up on Wikipedia and see where dictators end up. That is where Bibi [Netanyahu] will end up.”

“The prime minister wanted to divide the people, and without intending it, he united the people,” Chamizer added.

In a recent Instagram video aimed at young viewers of his television shows, Chamizer claimed the judicial reforms would benefit Netanyahu in his ongoing corruption trials and called Netanyahu’s son, Yair, a “parasite.”

Good guys or bad guys?

“When you watch my series, you always know who’s good and who’s bad, right? The question is whether you know how to do it in real life as well, when you look at what’s happening in our beloved country. I’m sure you do.”

“Let’s say that in my series there was a character of a leader who is on trial for serious crimes, and instead of fighting for his innocence, like any citizen, he tries to change the rules of the game in order to cancel his trial. Does he belong to the good guys or the bad guys?

“And let’s say that this leader had a son, a parasite who never worked a day in his life, who — from the moment he wakes up — does not stop writing horrible and violent posts on the internet in which he vilifies prime ministers, presidents, chiefs of staff, judges, anyone who dares to criticize his father.”

Warning of doom

“If you don’t wake up today, already on the next [Passover] Seder night you will not live in the State of Israel, but in Bibi’s dictatorship. This will be a halachic [run according to Orthodox Jews law] state where women and minorities have no rights, where you can be put in jail without trial for a comment you wrote on Instagram. There will be no more elections, and the government will pass from Bibi to his son like in the dictatorships of Syria and Egypt,” he claimed.

“Join the side of the good guys,” Chamizer said, urging his young followers to join the anti-Netanyahu protests.

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