The Security Council discussion marks a “measured worsening of Russia’s tone towards Israel,” a foreign ministry official said.

By World Israel News Staff

The anti-Israel UN Security Council on Friday discussed IDF strikes in Syria at the behest of Russia, in the lastest indication of growing tension between Moscow and Jerusalem.

The hearing comes on the heels of a sale of defensive military equipment to Kyiv for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Channel 13 news reported.

The Russian representative at the hearing said that “the violent attacks by Israel affect the entire region and must stop. Israel’s unilateral actions affect the entire region. The Security Council should work to convey a clear message to Israel on the issue.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is concerned that Russian will attempt to advance a resolution against Israel at the Security Council. An unnamed ministry official told News 13: “We did not anticipate the Russian request for a discussion [on the strikes] – this is a measured worsening of Russia’s tone towards Israel. We are following the progress of Russian steps closely.”

Russia is set to hold the presidency of the UN Security Council in April as part of the planned rotation of the seat.

Israel has been cautious about taking sides in the war, and is one of the only western democracies to share strong ties with both Russia and Ukraine. Jerusalem also coordinates all military strikes on Iranian targets in Syria with Moscow.

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