Hi Fellow American,

This is indispensable!

America is battling for the soul of the nation and I am jousting for your active participation.

The primary partisan debates are fast approaching and I am running a 50-state ground campaign to strengthen the grassroots.

The stakes are high and there is only one way to go!

Revive America’s Prayer Again (RAPA)

I am organizing prayer meetings all across towns in the country for peace, harmony, and prosperity, because

‘God Leads the Way.’

Participating in RAPA is the best way to raise your voice and be heard. It will strengthen our Biblical US Constitutional foundations as well.

And for which we need 50,000 concerned American citizens like you to donate $1 or MORE.

So move on and add your name to the revered RAPA donor list.

I am Daniel JP Imperato a Papal Knight & Friar who has lived a simple life like you earning my share of bread and butter on the table. As a nonpartisan Independent Constitutionalist running for U.S. Presidency in 2024, you can count on me to raise your voice in the White House.

A Vote for Me is a Vote for You!

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$1 or more is all it takes to have your say in deciding the future course for a righteous and prosperous America to reclaim its top position in the amity of nations. And I will make it a point to let you know when I am in town so that we can chat and discuss what we can do together to ensure Justice & Liberty as promised by our founding fathers.

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Your Compatriot Dan

Daniel Imperato


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